"An always daringly incendiary brand of queer cabaret." –Philly Weekly

Let them eat


performance images c/o Plate 3 Photography

The Bearded Ladies put the "Anarchy" in Anachronism for their romp through French history.

In their Bastille Day Cabaret (working sub-title: History … Again!), the Bearded Ladies teamed up with Eastern State Penitentiary to bring you the whole of French history in a 100% accurate spectacle of song, dance, snack cakes, and beheadings.

A near-overwhelming afternoon of populist panache, this performance will put a song on your lips, bread in your hands, and a little revolutionary swagger in your step. For more information, visit the Eastern State Penitentiary website here.

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The characters and performers at the heart of this piece rotate with each incarnation, so, like history itself ... it's all a little open to interpretation. 


– 6-7 principal actor/singers

– 4 musicians (piano, guitar, bass, drums)

– Technical requirements: high

– Best performed at a historic prison

For a complete technical rider and additional info, please contact us.

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