"An always daringly incendiary brand of queer cabaret." –Philly Weekly

Gotta move, gotta be out
gotta queer this place
gotta find some place
some place where I can just be me.

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images c/o plate 3 photography

performance images c/o philadelphia museum of art

Renoir. Matisse. Picasso. Streisand. The Bearded Ladies.

In 1966, Barbra Streisand turned the Philadelphia Museum of Art into her personal playground. Now it’s our turn! A remix of the landmark television special Color Me Barbra, Color Me Bearded is an immersive romp that forces new perspectives on a Philadelphia institution and a living legend. Let a Bearded Barbra take you by the hand for this musical walking tour asks: what happens when we expand the frame?

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Virgil Gadson

John Jarboe

Messapotamia Lefae

Veronica Chapman-Smith

Kate Raines

Val Dunn

Jacqueline Soro

Kate Poole

Morriah Young


Elizabeth Huston (Harp)

Thomas LaForgia (Cello)

Eric Derr (Percussion)

Anthony Bob (Flute)

and Philadelphia Voices of Pride


John Jarboe Writer & Director

Heath Allen Music Direction & Arrangement

Rebecca Kanach Costume Design & Manufacture

Doug Greene Installation and Prop Design & Manufacture

Jorge Cousineau Video Design

Daniel Perelstein Sound Design

Lucas Fendlay Audio Engineer

Amy Smith Choreography and Outside Eye

Elaina Di Monaco Production Manager

Kate McSorley Fossner Stage Manager

Emily Moylan, Shannon O’Brien Assistant Stage Managers/Wardrobe

Tara Webb, Sarah Mitchell Stitchers

Special thanks to the Security Officers at the Museum whose voices are featured.

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