Under the cover of an evening’s relaxing entertainment, cabaret, like nothing else, suddenly dispenses a poison cookie.

Mary Tuomanen and Dieter Rita Scholl2
John Jarboe
Group Pre-Show Ritual

images c/o christopher ash

performance images c/o austin art

Are you feeling sluggish tonight? Placid? Politically impotent. We have a cookie for that.

The Bearded Ladies have some treats for you. Do You Want A Cookie? concocts the perfect cabaret confections to satisfy your cravings. Part Great Cabaret Bake-Off, part irreverent romp through cabaret history, the show is at once subversive, joyous, provocative, and communal.

An international cast of cabaret artists perform throughout a labyrinthine industrial space refitted as a seductive nightclub, presenting a live history of cabaret from Le Chat Noir to Weimar nightlife to 21st-century drag.

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