"An always daringly incendiary brand of queer cabaret." –Philly Weekly

Under the cover of an evening’s relaxing entertainment, cabaret, like nothing else, suddenly dispenses a poison cookie.

Mary Tuomanen and Dieter Rita Scholl2
John Jarboe
Group Pre-Show Ritual

images c/o christopher ash

performance images c/o austin art

Are you feeling sluggish tonight? Placid? Politically impotent. We have a cookie for that.

The Bearded Ladies have some treats for you. Do You Want A Cookie? concocts the perfect cabaret confections to satisfy your cravings. Part Great Cabaret Bake-Off, part irreverent romp through cabaret history, the show is at once subversive, joyous, provocative, and communal.

An international cast of cabaret artists perform throughout a labyrinthine industrial space refitted as a seductive nightclub, presenting a live history of cabaret from Le Chat Noir to Weimar nightlife to 21st-century drag.

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Adrienne Truscott (NYC)

Bridge Markland (Berlin)

Cherdonna Shinatra (Seattle)

Cookie Diorio (Philly)

Gosia Kasprzycka (Paris/Poland)

Daniel Park (Philly)

Jess Conda (Philly)

Dito van Reigersberg (Philly)

Dieter Rita Scholl (Berlin)

John Jarboe (Philly)

Mary Tuomanen (Philly)

Tareke Ortiz (Mexico City)

Messapotamia LeFae (Philly)


Jimmy Coleman

Dorie Byrne

Daniel de Jesús

Andrew Nelson

Spiff Weigard


Director and Co-Conceiver* John Jarboe

Dramaturg and Co-Conceiver* Sally Ollove

Assistant Director Brett Robinson

Music Supervisor* Heath Allen

Music Director Amanda Morton

Associate Group Choreographer Jody Kuehner

Production Stage Manager Nic Labadie-Bartz

Assistant Stage Manager Maya Neville & Tiffany Bunch

Installation and Costume Design*  Rebecca Kanach

Installation and Costume Design Machine Dazzle

Lighting Design Oona Curley

Sound Design Elizabeth Atkinson

Projection Design Christopher Ash

Associate Installation Design Sara Outing

Assistant Lighting Design Harbour Edney

General Manager* Cynthia Janzen

Production Manager*^ Calvin Anderson

Company Manager Dan O’Neil

Assistant Production Manager Sara Marinich

Technical Direction Flannel and Hammer, Lauren Tracy, Joe Daniels

Venue Management & Master Electrician Jacks Katz

Lighting Operator John Allerheiligen

Audio Mixers Waylon Ferrell, Taylor Jedlinski

Projection Operator Michael Long

Video Assistant Colin Sass

Run Crew Jem Rubin, Lindsay Drucker, Teresa Burns

Wardrobe Vanessa Ogbuehi, Emma Weiss Holyst

Stitchers Max Brown, Jill Keys

*Member of the Bearded Ladies Cabaret staff and/or company

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Do You Want a Cookie?, the latest bacchanal from The Bearded Ladies Cabaret, embodies the Philadelphia Fringe Festival's freewheeling, party-hearty aesthetic.


Cooking Up Cabaret : An Interview

FringeArts | July 23, 2018

“We could write a book, but we’re cabaret artists, so we decided the best way to understand the history and the present moment was to explore it through performance.” Sally Ollove, The Bearded Ladies Cabaret