"An always daringly incendiary brand of queer cabaret." –Philly Weekly

Tonight we’re breaking up with irony. Our new squeeze is earnestness

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It’s a neighborly day in this beauty wood
A neighborly day for a beauty
Would you be mine?

Mr. Rogers always said: no matter how bad things are “you can never go down the drain.” With this in mind, the Bearded Ladies present John Jarboe as Mx. Rogers in this Musical Healing Ritual for Adults.

Using and abusing iconic songs from the program, the Beards put this idea to the test. In this performance, expect a goldfish funeral, gay romps into the land of make-believe, and some earnest questions about irony.

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Written and performed by John Jarboe

Directed by Suli Holum

Musical arrangements by Heath Allen

Costumes and Set by Rebecca Kanach

Lighting by Oona Curley

Dramaturgy by Sally Ollove

Past Performances

La Mama, NYC, Jan 2018 (premiere)

Joe’s Pub, NYC, April 2018

The Wilma Theater, Philadelphia, June 2018

Oberon at the American Repertory, March 2019, part of the Afterglow Festival