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The Beardmobile

Cabaret on Wheels

Beardmobile at Pride by Steve Legato Photography

A Mobile Performance Hug for Philadelphia

The Beardmobile is a big, gay mobile performance unit, glitterfully outfitted for socially-distanced performances and political actions. We're popping up with stops all spring. Each performance is curated by a slew of amazing Philly-based artists and organizations and hosted by a rotating roster of Beards' hosts.


you are who you eat

by John Jarboe


A true story of gender cannibalism

What if someone told you that your gender stemmed from an act of fetal cannibalism? That eating your twin in the womb is what made you the way that you are? How would you swallow that information? And where would it take you?

Co-World Premiere by FringeArts, Woolly Mammoth, CulturalDC, La Mama ETC, and Under the Radar from an original commission by Works & Process at the Guggenheim


Currently Serving: Leftovers


A cabaret fever dream featuring a collection of local and international performers

A celebration of the cabaret community near and far. Come for the party, stay for the subversion therapy. Currently serving up Leftovers monthly at FringeArts.

Beards On Ice



Feeling Fracking exhausted by the state of the world?

Join the Beards for our first ever show on ice skates! Featuring an Iceberg, the World's Last Polar Bear, and even Mother Nature. All with varying levels of skating prowess. Comes in both family-friendly and edgy Beards versions.