"An always daringly incendiary brand of queer cabaret." –Philly Weekly

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12 Months of Piaf
A Rose is a Rose
Beep Beep, Cabaret on Wheels
Get Ready, Get Pegged ...
12 Months of Piaf

A Year of No Regrets



When was the last time you loved someone and let them change you?

Love Notes: A Year of No Regrets is a yearlong artistic exploration using the music, life, and inspiration of La Môme Piaf to explore love, loss, and desire. A monthly dose of Edith sent directly to your inboxes and mailboxes.

A Rose is a Rose


you are who you eat

by John Jarboe


A true story of gender cannibalism

What if someone told you that your gender stemmed from an act of fetal cannibalism? That eating your twin in the womb is what made you the way that you are? How would you swallow that information? And where would it take you?

Presented by Works & Process at the Guggenheim and CulturalDC

Beep Beep, Cabaret on Wheels

The Beardmobile

A Cabaret Love Tour on Wheels


A Socially Distanced Performance Hug for Philadelphia

The Beardmobile is a big, gay mobile performance unit, glitterfully outfitted for socially-distanced performances and political actions. We're taking it out on the road for a Love Tour with truck stops around the city. Each performance is curated by a slew of amazing Philly-based artists and organizations and hosted by a rotating roster of Beards' hosts.

Get Ready, Get Pegged ...


Ambitious, Audacious One-Night Stands


Have a late-night round with peg and an ever-evolving cast of characters

The Beards lure you inside a reimagined La Peg with singular costumes and musical arrangements. Your host Peg introduces uncensored entertainment from the daring, delightful, queer, and dangerous performers from Philly and beyond.