Directed by MK Tuomanen
Co-created by Sam Rise, MK Tuomanen, ILL DOOTS with John Jarboe
Hosted by Sam Rise
Music Directed by Scott Ziegler

Mo: Sam Rise
Lī’aizôn: Elle.Morris
Loretta: Lili St. Queer
Juju: US
Jo: Brandon Young
Flo: Jordan McCree

Scott Ziegler: Bass
Jordan McCree: Drums
Brandon Young: Keys

Costume Design by Scott McMaster
Puppet Design by Bean Schwab
Production Manager: Harbour Edney
Stage Management by Jamel Baker & Lian Brody

Lighting Tech: Bless Rudisill
Audio Techs: Isabella DeVito and Nick Rahn
Stagehand: Elijah Moore
Costume Run Crew: Ella Pultinas

Artistic Director: John Jarboe
Producer: Mieke D
Truck Venue Manager: Harbour Edney
Director of Production & Safety: Calvin Anderson
Front of House Manager: Jamel Baker
Front of House Staff: B Corcoran-Mathe, Addy Hentz , Jack Tobin-Gross & Cinder Kuss

: Red Rabbits, Knar Gavin, Austin Binns,, Matt Thompson, Didier García, Rachel Hludzinski, Link Ross, Echo Phillips, Marty Maynard, Erin Hoopes, Katie Butcher, Lynne Haase

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ILL DOOTS has always and will forever be a body of change. Since their inception at University of the Arts in 2009, this musical collective of individuals has each brought their own lifetime of artistic influences and experiences into the fold to contribute to the group’s timeless and genre-defying music. Hailing from all over the United States but unified under the undeniable grit and soul of Philadelphia, the band currently consists of four members; US, Elle.Morris, Scott Ziegler, and Jordan McCree, with frequent collaborations from Simon Martinez and Andrew Nittoli.

From energy shifting live performances to commissioned theatre works and educational workshops, 3 studio albums and countless mixtapes, plus six national tours to date -- to deny ILL DOOTS’ output, social justice advocacy, and relevance to the culture would truly be a disservice to the community that helped make it possible. Every member strives to be a pillar in their community, especially in their work as teaching artists embodying the acronym behind the whole brand: ILL- I Love Living & I Love Learning. Their passion will spread this message throughout the cosmos as they continue to transmute experiences of curiosity and learning into the art.

Jamel Baker is a freelance stage manager based in Philadelphia. Some of his past shows include: Choir Boy (ASM, Philadelphia Theatre Company); Late Night Snacks (Bearded Ladies Cabaret); The Choice (Influx Theatre); High
Noon (Ninth Planet); Passover (Theatre Exile). Jamel is also the Lead Producer for Passage Theatre, a Company Member for Tribe of Fools and a board member on Directors Gathering (DG).

Elle.Morris is a vocalist and member of ILL DOOTS, based in
Philadelphia. Outside of the squad, you may find her musical directing,
vocal coaching, or listening to an audiobook!

Sam Rise (they/them) is a black, gender-expansive performer, teaching artist, activist, human-amplifier, and the LOUDEST youth services librarian in the known universe. Sam’s passion for music and community are the heart of their work, feeding spaces that are inquiry-driven, participant led, and abundant in joy!
In addition to their work as a songwriter, arranger and performer, Rise aspires to facilitate creative direct action with community organizers and leaders shaping change from the socio-political margins. They are dedicated to social justice interventions that embrace the challenge and the opportunity of reimagining our world.

US (they/he) has a crush on fashionable sneakers, well cultivated herbs, and science fiction novels written by Octavia Butler and NK Jemisin.

Also known as Anthony Martinez-Briggs, they are a Bearded Ladies Associate Artist as well as a Wilma HotHouse company member.
They wear many hats including but not limited to: writing, teaching, facilitating, music making and overall theater artist type things.

Us is an mcee and original member of the band ILL DOOTS, seen on theater stages throughout the Philly area as well as music venues across the country. Their song "Heartbeat" was the recipient of the 2021 Lennon Award for R&B, it is featured on their double album “The Mess/Age”; available everywhere. Be sure to follow @ILLDOOTS on all socials.

As a performer they work most frequently with the HotHouse company members at the Wilma but have also had the pleasure of performing with Theatre Exile, Ninth Planet, Arden Theatre, Philadelphia Theatre Company, Long Wharf Theatre, Applied Mechanics, and of course Bearded Ladies Cabaret, among others.

As a sound designer they have worked with several theaters in the region including Arden Theatre, The Wilma Theater, Theater Horizon, Passage Theatre, Azuka Theatre, Simpatico Theatre, Theatre Exile, Drexel University and the University of the Arts.

They've received a few awards, accolades, nominations, and whatnot, but more importantly the LOVE received has remained a constant source of inspiration and gratitude. Much love to my family, ancestors, creator and especially, my wife, Tess.