"An always daringly incendiary brand of queer cabaret." –Philly Weekly

My mother and father agree – the army has made me a man.

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performance images c/o the Wilma Theater

A dazzling celebration of love, longing, honesty, and identity in the line of duty.

Through the Army hits of World War II, Back in the Army explores the lives and longings of the manliest of men. Men who longed for that girl back home — and men who longed to be with men.

Featuring such classics as “Why Do They Call a Private a Private?”, “The Army’s Made a Man Out of Me”, and “I’ll be Seeing You”, this hour of drag, drama, and revelry will put hair on your chest and curlers in your hair.

production information


John Jarboe General Jarboe

Liz Filios Private Stew

Daniel Kazemi Private Major Stewart

John Greenbaum Sergeant Major General Stewart


Daniel Kazemi Music Director

Daniel Perelstein Sound Design

Rebecca Kanach Costume Design

Kristen Bailey, John Jarboe Prop Design

David Todaro Lighting Design


– 4 actor/musicians

– Technical requirements: minimal

Contact us for additional technical information and a full rider.

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