"An always daringly incendiary brand of queer cabaret." –Philly Weekly

I give you Civil War 2: No Survivors!

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A myriad of historical characters in an epic battle-of-the-bands that's part Gone with the Wind and part folk-punk extravaganza.

See Dixie, the Southern belle imprisoned in the world’s largest dress! Admire Walt Whitman, grower of the longest beard from North to South! Hear the dueling sounds of Southern nostalgia and Northern aggression! This is Wide Awake: A Civil War Cabaret.

John Brown, P.T. Barnum, Stephen Foster, Tom Waits, Hoagy Carmichael, Levon Helm, and others are all featured as the Bearded Ladies give a new voice to the cultural legacy of one of this country’s most defining conflicts. First produced in 2011 at the Wilma Theater and revived in 2013 at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts as part of PIFA.

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Kristen Bailey PT Barnum

Liz Filios Walt Whitman

Jessica Hurley, Kate Raines Harriet Beecher Stowe

John Jarboe Dixie

Mary Tuomanen, Sarah Gliko John Brown

E.J. Bass, James Ijames Lincoln

Lorna Howley Puppeteer


Heath Allen Bobby Lee/Music Director/Pianist/Composer

Jimmy Coleman Drums

Leon Jordan, Jr Trumpet

James Parker Tuba, Trombone


John Jarboe Director

Jenna Horton Assistant Director/Installation

Jessica Hurley, John Jarboe, Mary Tuomanen, James Ijames Writing Team

Oona Curley Set and Lighting Designer

Laura Eckleman Associate Lighting Design

Rob Klimbowski Associate Set Designer/Technical Director

Sally Ollove Dramaturg

Martina Plag Puppet/Props Design

Rebecca Kanach Costume Design

Daniel Perelstein Sound Design

Toby Pettit Assistant Sound Design

Bayla Rubin Stage Manager

Paul Jerue, Katie Pidgeon Production Manager


– 6 performers

– 4 musicians (piano, trumpet, tuba / trombone, drums)

– Technical requirements: high

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