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Sam Rise on the Beardmobile by Plate 3

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A Socially Distanced Performance Hug for Philadelphia

The Beardmobile is a big, gay mobile performance unit, glitterfully outfitted for socially-distanced performances and political actions. Each performance is curated by a slew of amazing Philly-based artists and organizations and hosted by a rotating roster of of Beards' hosts including Brett Robinson, Eric Jaffe, Anthony Martinez-Briggs, Sam Rise, Cookie Diorio, Jess Conda, and John Jarboe.

We're hitting the road for a summer of QUEER JOY! With stops along the way including CHECK IT OUT!!! our Free Library Tour, a Victorian Picnic at Laurel Hill East, and the William Way Summer Vibes Block Party, we're bringing queer joy and sizzlin' summer vibes to a venue near you!

Laurel Hill Promo - Rain

Land Acknowledgement

As we absorb the physical space we are in, we want to take a moment to acknowledge the history of this land and the original people of this land. While I talk about this history and share this Land Acknowledgement written by Trinity Norwood, Citizen of The Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Nation, just take a moment to breathe, look around, and take in the surroundings. Before Philadelphia was the city we know and love today, this land was known as “Lenapehoking( Lun-nah-pay-hawk-ing)” or Land of the Lenape. The Lenape are the indigenous people of what is modern-day Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and the southern tip of New York. Through genocide, relocations, the Indian Boarding School era, and continued systematic erasure the Lenape people have persevered and live on as modern-day sovereign nations. We recognize their legacy that has been soaked into the very ground we stand on right now. And we acknowledge the intergenerational connection to this legacy that we all share as the descendants to the immigrants of this land. Although this history is heavy, the future is filled with hope. As part of this practice of acknowledgement we will be giving 10%/or $100 (of all donations made) at Beardmobile events to We Are The Seeds, a local and national organization that celebrates and educates about contemporary Indigenous arts and culture. You can connect to their work

Other websites to check out are: Indigenous Peoples Day Philly (, the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Nation of NJ (, and the National Congress of the American Indian (


The Beardmobile is made possible by the William Penn Foundation. Additional support provided by The Velocity Fund administered by Temple Contemporary at Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University with generous funding from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. It was built with support from the Barra Foundation and the Wyncote Foundation. Additional support also provided by Beardviewers like you.

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Partner organizations and artists on the truck include: Project HOME and the Gloria Casarez Residence, Philadelphia Contemporary and Yolanda Wisher, LaNeshe Miller-White, Dain Saint, Wilma Portable Studios, Vox Populi, T-VOCE, Modero & Company, and Asian Arts Initiative.

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